Saw the advertisement for Hero Honda Pleasure, in which women of various ages are riding around town in a scooty type thingy singing “why should boys have all the fun”. Every possible sort of pun apart, all the bikes in the ad carry a Delhi Number plate in a continuous sequence. I have no idea why such a numbering pattern was chosen but the entire sequence is so unlike Delhi.

Anyway, after reading very harsh reviews about Rang De Basanti and hearing very nice reports from people all around I finally managed to catch the night show on Friday. Well, I have to say what probably lots of people are saying.. loved the movie but somehow cant accept the way it ended, yet cant think of any other way that it could be ended. Salty writes that its an immature movie.. well.. i have to agree with those words, but not in the same way. It is a film about impulsive immaturity that sets the tone and the eventual end and realisation. I must say, I loved the way it was presented, there were no longish lectures or for that matter any kind of unusual conversation. The dialogues were very pert and sequences were brief. The blending of the incidents from the past and the present were extremely well shot. The sequences of jallianwala bagh shot in monochrome with a heartwrenching background score reminded me of the oft seen pictures of the nazi concentration camp. Same goes for the rest of the bits of the documentary. The posture, look, walk of the actors were firm and diametrically opposite than their present picture. The time when I felt that probably I would not be able to hold back my tears was during the funeral of the pilot. MIG crashes are always there in the news but honestly we dont feel the pain directly for the pilot and their family. In a way we have sort of accepted the fact that MIGs are susceptible to accidents…so what the heck. But this time, even if it was a movie, we got to share the happiness and tidbits of the life of the pilot.. not as a pilot but as a person for a good 90 minutes. Like any other normal person like you and me.. not like the wierd patriotic jingoism mouthing sunny-deol-superman types that one can see in every other movie. like the young boys from the NDA who can be seen enjoying a laid back sunday evening out at the barista outlet on F.C.Road. I digress. he comes across a sensible and practical chap who sometimes tries to make counter-arguments to the general contemptuous opinions of his friends. Thats all.
The drawback of the entire plot was the ease with which the murder was commited. Umm…. the way even political wannabe’s are obsessive about their security, i dont think the high and mighty def-minister would dare to step out onto mainstreet with such casual ease. anyway…the frustrating pain that the friends felt…the kind where you start hurling things all over the place…drove them to do what they did. And this is what I would term as impulsive immaturity. More fuel was added to the fire when their object of hate was haloed and the sinking feeling tugged them further into feeling the helplessness and impotence of their abilities. “one thing that we stood up for, with our hearts and souls and all the honesty that we could gather is being taken away”. When they walk into the radio station.. in their solitude with all walls eventually closing in.. they realise the futility of their actions. Only the actions. Their feelings were genuine..but their method of execution was wrong. And thats why the fellow on the mike repeats what he had heard before.. to serve your country, to make a change, join the armed forces, become an IAS, join politics,… coz it all made sense to him. That the system cannot be fought overnight with impulsive outburst like theirs. It changes with time and the right moves.
Loved the way the music was used in the movie. Both the background music as well as the songs.

P.S. On lighter note, currently I am also watching a rajnikant-starrer tamil movie… dubbed in hindi :D. try it sometime…its probably the most hilarious thing that i have seen in a long while.

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