My husband writes about the airshow at the Republic Day Parade this year [different matter that he was sleeping through most of it unlike what is implied in the post]. His tone hardly expressed the frustration and my frantic fist-shaking at the doordarshan cameraman. I really really wanted to see the sukhoi’s refuelling and turning turtle in mid-air.

Anyways.. lots happened and happening all around. But then as salty pointed out.. i really need to post more often. I went back home in december and had a great time. my room.. my bed… my blue telephone…my doggy ‘kishmish’…and soooooooo much fun with my friends. And probably the first time in years i went out with my mum and dad without reluctance and all of us had real fun. We went eating out [cant remember the last time we did that] at Oh!Calcutta. Honest opinion about the place… if you are a bengali and have access to home-cooked bengali food on a regular basis then you wont like it. But then if you are desperate enough and on the verge of having a psychological breakdown for things as simple as cholar daal to the more sophisticated delicacy like illish maanch then perhaps you can find some amount of respite. Anyways.. then we had a little look around at the rest of Forum Shopping Mall, went to Nicco Park [an amusement park..yea you heard right] and Swabhumi. I did not like Swabhumi too much.. not worth travelling so far from the other end of the city but then i found most of the stuff i wanted to gift my friends so it sort of made up for the intial disappointment. And also I went to meet my school friend Ishi, and we roamed at lotsa places on Christmas Eve. We went to Park Street, where I raided the MusicWorld Store and we laughed our heads off at the weird album names and hairstyles of the bengali boy bands…no offence.. but then i guess we are really getting old [wink wink]. The line outside Flury’s…. of people waiting to buy a christmas cake resembled a scene mostly seen outside the neighbourhood rationshop. I suggested attempting to visit New Market, but seeing the vigourous head shaking by ishi gave up the idea instantly. what a pity, but then no point getting squeezed beyond recognition. I was back to bombay on newyears day and was picked up at the airport by my friend jatin who took me to his house and his mum had made yummeee undhiyon. Since I was travelling most of the time on new years day i ended up not wishing most people 😦

Which reminds me.. jatin is now off to the US of A for some work and looks like this trip started on a rocky note. Though I really cant understand, why the US customs people did not clarify the genuineness of his luggage considering the fact that they were properly labelled with his personal details [oh yea…. he makes triple sure about that] as well as his destination, airline details etc. But then these are questions that are somehow never answered.

Back to the present. Hubby was in town for sometime all this month. So spent some quality family time, wish there was more. Missed all the movies that we intended. that would be bluffmaster, 15 park avenue. and we really did not fancy fighting for tickets of ‘rang de basanti’.

Caught some bits of an award show on some channel this evening. Apsara awards or something like that. Astitva a long running soap and one of the finest on indian television [if one can ignore the stupidity that it went through on and off] won the award for the tv-series of the year and the lead actors niki aneja and varun badola won the awards for best actor and actress. The show ended abt 15 days back and since i had been busy elsewhere i missed it. somehow i wish i had seen the last few episodes. the award show reminded me of the time when i used to write the daily updates for the show on the internet forum. i met so many nice people online and the show connected us all. We ended up discussing more than just the show. There were endless conversations about human relationships, social bondings and rules, questions asked and personal grief unburdened. It was and perhaps still is one of the most mature discussion forums growing out of an indian television show fanclub.. if it can at all be called that coz i dont rememeber any starry eyed lovelorn fanatics or any such swear-by-the-show types.

Anyway have to wrap up now… need to sleep early to be on time for the gym in the morning. have to burn all the aloo paranthas. 😦

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