Trust my husband to do something like this. First he answers the book-tag (after some amount of prodding and threatening) and then he tags me back!!! After of course making sure that i dont give away the “river sutra”

First up..salty’s query: i found The Fountainhead a bit too presumptive, the mind games a tad bit disturbing which i had to keep track of while reading the book and the prose tiring. But then that’s me. The world over people swear by it so you never know you might just like it. The last time i felt this way was when i watched the video for the song Breathless, nearly stopped breathing coz i was following the rhythm. Once i realised what was wrong i made sure to breathe next time i watched it.

Well a lot happened during the past week. A huge big rainbow came out with a small one alongside and i got quite few pretty pics of the same.

This one has been taken from my balcony. Look carefully for the little one behind.

Also I got a birthday gift from hubby dear (a month ahead) first bicycle.. yippeeeeeeee!! Its a pretty pink one with a basket in front and a bell that goes trrrrrrrrrrrring trrrrrrrrrrrring. We brought it home inside a rickshaw. now all i need is to learn how to ride it around.

Then yesterday I got soaked to the skin…in the heavy showers that came in the afternoon. And after going home found the living room had survived a deluge as well. The water had entered from under the sliding door and left a huge trail behind it.

Hey soumyadeep..long time no news. and thanks for dropping by parna.

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