Well if I were to term anything as a blatant display of inhuman avarice…I do not think I have to look beyond my drawing room. More precisely my television set. Over the weekend CNN followed Pope John Paul II’s last hours with a show of indecency that was hard to believe. The correspondants practically sent in reports of the Pope’s breathing rhythm and for more that 36 hours the channel followed with anticipation of the inevitable to happen. Even before the pontiff had breathed his last there was speculation on his heir’s identity, the rituals to be followed to select him for the coveted position etc. etc. Every time I hit CNN while surfing channels, the unabashed carnival of death continued. It was too shameful to even watch the spectacle where a sombre moment was turned into a circus act. Once I had read somewhere…given a chance the Americans can turn anything into a carnival…well some of them did’nt miss this one.

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