Wokay…as i write this the final gala of Indian Idol has come to an end. Somehow i did’nt mind Rahul Vaidya’s absence today. Abhijeet and Amit, both have voices that *belong* solely to them. Rahul always felt like, what they would term back in Kolkata as Sonu-Konthi—a duplicate for Sonu Nigam. Amit sang..Zindadi mein kabhi koi aye na rabba and Woh Kisna Hain while Abhijeet sang..Channa ve ghar aaja re and Mere Khayalo ki malika. Both were made to sing a third song..specially composed for them. One song..different styles. Personally i loved the way Amit sang it…with a touch of western strains that lingered delicately to touch a hint of a raga. He somehow always manages to do that. Both these singers do not possess what one would consider “electrifying personalities”, but they manage to play the Jekyll and Hyde game with elan. On stage their voice, body language, movements speak volumes of their confidence..probably because they are aware that they are good at what they are doing. Off stage..two shy, gawky and seemingly gentle boys, who have their simple and sober Indian middle class upbringing stamped all over them…cant call them men…both their smiles are toooo sweet.

Whoever wins..I just hope he can still hold on to his simplicity and charm amidst the glitz and glamour.

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