Probably one of the rarest albums that i have in my collection is the OST of Bandit Queen. Imho Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan at his soulful best. A slight hint of the flute and the sounds of the desert wind add to the mesmerising rendition. My personal favourite…”Saware, Tere Ben Jiya Jaye Naa”. Probably the last time i heard sing something from this album was when Rahul Saxena sang..”More saiyyan to hain pardes” one of the initial rounds of Indian Idol. Yep..the bug has bitten me too. Every week I would tune some my favourite singers bow out…promise myself that I’ll never vote again…and then religiously tune in next week. My favourites were Harish, Prajakta, Rahul S and Aditi. I hated Rahul Vaidya for his tantrums..but then could’nt hold back my vote after he sang “Deewana” like a dream. Amit Sana’s version of “Zindagi mein koi kabhi rahe na rabba” and “Kacche Dhage” made me vote for him twice over. I was hoping Prajakta and Rahul Vaidya would make it as the top two..but their tender age somehow did’nt feel right for the job..or rather the perks that came with it. My topmost favourite was Harish…but he always seemed to let down at the wrong moment. If he had only sung “Tanha Dil” the way he sang on the day of his last performance. [big sigh]. Rahul Saxena chose all the odd songs out of the bunch. Well he did make me dig out and listen to the originals of a couple of them..but then its too late now.

Its the big day today. Armed with my mobile phone…I’ll be following the action pretty closely. May the best man win. Abhijit .. Amit.

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