One thing i noticed was that inside an aircraft there is no number13 seat. its 12A-F and 14A-F. nothing in between. wierd..what superstitions can lead too. another thing i realised was that the odds of meeting an airhostess or steward again onboard is pretty low. i have never seen any of them twice…with some really back-to-back air travel..i guess i would have remembered.

Coming from the north-east part of India…where air-travel is sometimes the only feasible mode of transport…one gets to hear some really fantastic episodes. In tripura there was a time when they had what they call “air-taxis”. hop-stop-jump services. and the fare…afaicr 12 measly INR. With the number of these air-taxi services that my mother used to take..she would put a frequent-flier-mile-collector to shame.

And my dad…well he has some tales that legends are made of. once he was travelling with a relative and her 6 month old child. gently put the inside of that aircraft somewhat resembled a potato godown. sometime after they took off…he noticed that one of the propellers had decided to take a break. more than being worried about his fate he kept his fingers crossed that the lady would not notice the mess. [well at times a defunct propeller is much better than a howling lady with a bawling baby]. but then she did notice. when dad simply told her “o never mind that…they wanted to go a little slow they simply turned it off for a while”. hmmm.

Its midnite and I am finishing some pending work that i brought home. The heart-wrenching voice of Nirmalendu Chowdhury is playing on my computer…bringing back a lot of memories. Of the time back home when *we* used to go to the theatre festival on nababarsha. the tunes are similar to the songs from madhab malanchi kanya..a folk tale from mymensingh (now in Bangladesh). the last play I watched was Charandas Chor. Can’t remember what they call that dance where men put on anklets and peacock features and match their steps to the clanging metal instruments (something like what they call *lejhim* here in maharashtra). Not much helpful..huh?

Next time *we* are in Kolkata…have to watch Sojan Badiyar Ghat.

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