I sincerely hope that this is not one of the innumerable sick jokes that make the rounds of the internet duping unsuspecting e-mail subscribers. I received two photographs (this and this) some time back, urging me to pass the message. These are pictures of a 2 year old child who has been rescued from thailand after the tsunami, but his identity and whereabouts of his family remain untraceable. Since the message did not contain any contact address I was not sure what to do.

I received another mail a few days back with a different picture of what looks like the same child (see here) alongwith the following message and contact details:

“The boy about 2 years, from Khoa Lak is missing his parents. Nobody knows what country he comes from. If anyboy known him please contact us by phone 076-249400-4 ext. 1336, 1339 or e- mail : info@phuket-inter-hospital.co.th”

Please pass on the message if possible.

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