sometimes i wish my mind would shut off…so that no thoughts could trickle through. perhaps that is the reason why i love days when i have to work like crazy. coz it helps me to forget..forget everything that i want to change. there comes a time when the wait is never over and after what seems like an eternity, patience runs doesnt know which way to move coz walls close in from all sides..there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. thats when one tries to forget and choose to deny the truth. I find my solace in certainty..indecision drives me wild..and nothing is more humiliating for me than to wait for someone to choose my fate.

They say, happiness is in the journey but I want my destiny chalked out. I don’t want to go for any tempting parking spaces

Well, life is an unexepected journey into the future…even the much-yearned “certainty” of mine cannot warrant its course…but when on a cross-road..i’d like to choose the way..and move ahead…until the next turn…when i’ll have to stop to contemplate once more.

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