u know what shyguy..i had nothing on my mind when i had written those lines. nothing related to food-habits or the age of innocence. the kids about 6-7 years old, were negotiating the mud on the streets and walking towards school with their satchels. most of them were wearing hawai chappals and that made them extra cautious while taking a step. one of them stopped..and saw the chickens and pointed it to the others. and they were just plain excited to see an unusual sight on an otherwise usual route. the ways children behave when they are taken to the zoo or the circus.

i think at that age..an animal does not evoke sentiments of the kind you mention. animals are a “class” apart and provide much fodder for curiousity and the slightest movement would qualify for loads of attention. with age comes the realisation. and that was just my point. the children noticed the small little hens bobbing their red-caps and i noticed the “truck and the cage”.

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