The Pune Traffic Police and Pune Municipal Transport (PMT) need to do some serious work…(yeah yeah..i know..i am too new to start complaining…)

1. Get some X-gallons of white paint and draw 2 and half feet wide horizontal lines across the main street intersections and write STOP in three major that the road-rashers can know where they are supposed to wait when there is a red-light on.

2. Red lights…aahh that! first, round up the one (err..sorry, but can’t be sure), two, three, four wheel riders/drivers in town into a kindergarten classroom and tell them what a red traffic light is supposed to the first place. to stop and wait for the light to turn green and not jump it when the countdown clock has 14 seconds more to go.

3. And the reed-thin ladies ought to be told that a helmet is far better equipped to save their pretty heads than those fancy -scarves that they cover 95% of their faces with, as if they were under some witness-protection scheme.

4. Mumsie dears, its not a very good idea to let your little darlings ride pillion..when they are fast asleep behind you!! phew..thats really scary.

and PMT…
if u can’t discard ur buses…then atleast give them a shower!!

end of round one.

Thanks swb and soumyadeep for bugging me to no end to get back to blogging 🙂 take care guys.

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