Not often can the top executive offices in the country present a prettier picture than what it is today. The President and Prime Minister (in waiting) of India besides holding two enviable posts, can also boast of holding perhaps what i would consider the most presentable resumes. Both are non-medical doctors, hailing from not-so-financially well-off families, brilliant academicians, achievers in their own respective fields and more important, seemingly down-to-earth people.

The President Dr.Kalam is my favourite, not just because of his impeccable hair-style and for being the most prolific scientist of our times, but also for his honest and sincere efforts to connect with the youth of the country and promote the importance of education. It also helps that he takes the trouble to answer each and every e-mail sent to him.

Dr.Singh, with his qualifications and soft-spoken repertoire is perhaps one of the most dignified politicans around. Orignally from a humble background, he acquired his degrees with the help of student scholarships and perhaps that’s what makes him realise the true worth of money.

Well, i guess it really feels-good to see them shine. was that a pun? not this time.

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