The telephone authorities are supposedly introducing uniforms for their on-duty staff to induce a sense of responsibility and to provide better services to its customers. additionally the staff would be trained in interfacing with the public.

please excuse me while i take a moment to say “Haaaanh”.

much of the staff at the counters in several (semi-)government offices are more often than not ill-mannered, impatient, callous with their work and exude a pride of their “position of authority”. Just this afternoon i spent a good 2 hrs at the bank trying to withdraw some money before the string of holidays lined up for next week. since its the end of the month there were a lot of elderly people who had gathered there to take home their pensions. unfortunately a good number of the working-staff had been diverted for election-duty. some counters were (wo)maned by staff who were not used to the regular operations and the queues were progressing at a snail’s a pace. when i walked in, there were about 15-20 people infront of each counter. so i took a quick look & chose the one that was the shortest..with abt 12 people. that was at 14:30 hrs. it was a painful wait as this genteleman was not sure abt what he was doing and took around 10 minutes to service one customer. almost everyone from the other counters took their money and left within a few minutes. i reached the counter at 16:00 hrs. gleefully i extended my check only to be told that work was over for that day. usually the doors are shut at 16:00 but the people still waiting inside are provided the required services. today perhaps due to some internal differences they chose to down their pens abruptly. after an “unusually looooooooong-wait”, this rudeness on the part of the employees was too much for the customers. tempers started flaring and the manager was gheraoed. some elderly people pleaded, some shook their fists but to no avail. finally people took a few verbal (and extremely colorful) potshots, raised their “feel-good factor” and left. time and money gone west.

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