in school we pretended to keep awake thru the period right after lunch. when pushed to the edge of desperation one would pick up a pen and draw a straight line on the next person’s hand. the school building was in the shape of the letter L and our classroom was on the shorter arm. one afternoon when we were beautifully sleeping a crow flew in through the window , crowed hard and without stopping flew out of the opposite window.

i wish:

1. i was 7
2. pastries were healthy
3. to fly into space
4. the sky was made of ice-cream
5. cars did not have horns to honk
6. to live by the sea
7. people would’nt scream
8. i had a different name
9. i could walk on stilts
10. to go to easter islands
11. to dance in the rain
12. i could fall asleep to the strains of the moonlight sonnata
13. my bed made itself
14. dial up connections were free

i am tired and sleepy…

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