Finding the purrrfect pair of jeans can be really tiring. i know…i did that all afternoon in the sun and am absolutely bushed. if the colour was nice, the cut was not, if it fit at the waist then it stuck elsewhere. phew!! but then i finally managed to strike gold. now for the next six months i will try to exercise “extra” caution (read paranoid obsession) so that they dont get dirty or muddy or trampled upon. but after a year things would become normal. i once had been chased by a dog coz i had’nt washed my jeans for an indecently long-time. yikes…

i was distracted for a while…an ant was trying to climb inside the floppy drive. these weirdos have a fetish for slits. i even had to smoke them out from inside the modem and skirt hems…scores of them kept pouring out. these days they are climbing into water-filled buckets making vertical formations like the “govinda-ala-re” groups on janmasthami. one has to scoop them out with a ladle. the hapless fellows at the bottom are dead by that time but the ones on top scatter about with great speed. they are everywhere, inside books, biscuit-jars, ears, electrical switchboards, freezers!!! its an invasion. if the aliens dont get me first, the red-ants would.

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