I feel like repeating that nice long juicy curse. someone had the gall to suggest that i should change the spelling of my name for some extraaaa luck. the person took to his heels when i asked him to help me do all the paperwork that would be necessary afterwards. imagine changing my birth certificate!! i wonder how the stars do it. first they change their names, then depending upon the resultant “luck factor”, they either revert or change further. the stars seem to be so finicky about their names that they make sure that the press religiously follows that extra “k” or that “e” inplace of an “i” in case any bit of that luck is diminished .guess the newspapers have a dedicated group of people who update their databases on a real-time system.

and who can forget ektaa kapoor…the person who revolutionised the alphabet soup on the telly. she spatters the letter “k” like ketchup all over her shows. but these days i am a little upset with her. or for that matter all those people who are responsible for the dozen or so horror shows that come on weekends. these shows are too graphical and include details about taboos and occult practises, with special emphasis on the implications of signs and symbols that can be seen in our everyday lives. for e.g. a harmless lemon lying by the roadside might bring misfortune of enormous proportions etc. one cant deny that these taboos have been a part of our society for a long time, but whether they cause any real harm really depends upon the choice of faith. if a person chooses to believe then he can be haunted by the air he breathes. but it does not justify the graphic detailing which could influence people if repeated multiple times. out of the way depictions like red contact lenses or upturned feet are somewhat different as they lend an air of demonstrative extravangance. but its the small identifiable detailings that can induce the mind to tick.

the film “bhoot” redefined the genre by exploiting the pshychological workings on the mind but it did so without the taboos. i had a hard time explaining to an elderly relative why he should not take a 10 year old to watch “bhoot”. he argued that the child was aware that onscreen ghosts were fake and it would not bother her. but i had to rationalise with him that unlike a ramsay picture, this was a serious mind-game that played with the fears of the unknown that are trapped inside the brain. thankfully he changed his mind.

i for one did not watch another episode of that show, but it is appalling to see so many of the same kind have mushroomed in a matter of months. i hope people realise that its just make-belief, but then one can only hope.

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