I think i am going crazy. first the heat and then the aliens. yeah right …aliens. i was watching “signs” yesterday afternoon. halfway thru i had to hand in the remote to maintain domestic harmony [why does a cricket match have to go on all day?????]. well…anyway, since that was the end of the movie for me i went ahead, found the script and read it. and then at nite i sensed aliens walking about in the room. the “Signs” type…who are transparent or rather can match their body suits with their surroundings. after about an hour of squirming on the bed i opened my eyes to a ray of light…directed straight at me. thanks a lot mum for scaring the brains out of me!! she was checking on her darling with a torch.

anyways…i am a believer and whenever i go to the terrace at nite, i stare up at the stars and at the world beyond…where perhaps there is a girl in a galaxy far far away… who looks exactly like me and her mum shines a torch in her ear at night.

Right now i am getting ready to go to bed coz there’s nothing better to do.

%^&&#@&^&*#@$%^&&…<— this looks like a nice long juicy curse but i am not sure what it means. and its directed at the local cable TV company. blasted morons…the signal is off for the past 3 hours. perhaps the aliens landed on their dishes.

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