I was reading the blog by Saltwater Blues last nite. His [i can safely assume its a “he” :-)] posts reminded me of things that i had intended to write and as is the norm completely forgotten about.

I had been to see “Kal ho naa ho” with my fiance. we had a great time watching the movie and there’s nothing much to write about that. what got me thinking was the wedding formula that was eventually chalked out for preity zinta. saif loves preity. preity loves shahrukh. shahrukh loves preity. but shahrukh is terminally ill…hence not “eligible” for marriage. so he ends up playing cupid for preity and saif by hiding his own emotions. saif and preity get to know abt it when they are a step away from the altar or rather the mandap. preity cries her eyes out. she had the love of her life but had to give it up as she had no hold over the circumstances. shahrukh was dying and a theatre-full of people wanted to see her settled in with a guy who was going to live long ever after. whether she loved saif or not was not important…what was required was a “prescribed happy ending”. so she takes the pheras with saif.

when i was coming back home i tried to picture myself in her shoes. what if…? it made me shudder. i can never give up hope or turn away from the love of my life….not even for his sake i would clutch hard till my fingers bled and would never let go. when it is a dream run we try to keep our fears miles away but they always lurk in a dark corner of the mind because we are scared of them…always.

Wanted to write more…but seems like my moon phase has begun..i need to go to the eye-doctor ASAP. my head is splitting apart.

but before i go:

dil chahe jitna pyar
utna mang lo
tumko milega utna pyar
main hu naa.

sounds cliched? perhaps. but who cares….

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