As the name of my blog suggests, I am heavily myopic. I would’nt be able to tell the difference between a lamp-post and a horse with my naked eyes. For about 6 to 7 years since I started wearing specs, I did not have an extra pair of glasses. Not because we were penny-pinching but because an addition of power became mandatory every quarter. So every three months the writings on the blackboard would blur like the waning of the moon and I would be marched into the doctor’s office for a change of glasses. For 1 day I would have to go around without specs, hence the appointments were made on a saturday so that i did not have to miss school. I remember once I broke my specs while playing basketball at school and frantically searched around for a juniour who could help me walk back home as she lived nearby.

Then came the magic year of sixteen, when one became eligible to own a pair of contact lenses. Mine were made of glass and I spent a good one-hour with the doctor learning the ropes of handling them correctly. I was advised to wear the lenses everyday to accustom my eyes to them. Unfortunately, i looked like a tragedy-queen as the eyes turned red the moment i put them on and watering did not stop. I tried reading, watching TV and every other possible activity that would allow me to forget that I had spherical pieces of glass inside my eyes. Then one day the straw finally broke the camel’s back. I was talking to a friend when the vision suddenly changed in one eye. The lens had gone missing!! As is the norm everyone around got down on their knees to find them on the floor. But guess where we finally found it. Clinging on the underside of the upper lid of the eye. It had climed there when i had blinked. Then started the painful exercise of slowly bringing it down and extracting it for the one last time. Ever since that day i haven’t worn another lens. But yes, I have worn quite a few pairs of fashionable specs and like the way I look with them.

And perhaps that is the reason why I dont like the bausch and lombe advertisements on television. The models all throw away their bulky eye-pieces to wear the lenses and with a blink of the eye transform into sports champs and college beauty queens. The nerds with specs look on from the sidelines with bitterness and the frustration of being “losers”. The advertisements end with the lines “confidence, contacts and me”. Well, that sums up that poeple with specs dont have confidence and also that they miss out on the good things in life like playing football or participating in beauty pagents.

A lot of film-actors and models do wear glasses off-screen but on-screen its a big no no when you want to look beautiful. Usually when the characters have to be given moronic or geeky shades they are pinned with a pair of glasses but when they discover their hidden beauty the glasses come off first. Although the story is the same in the runaway hit “kal no haa no”, but surprisingly preity zinta’s “geek-medal” specs had become a fashion statement even before the release of the film. But television’s reigning deity jassi has’nt been so lucky.

But whatever be the stereotypes in the film or ad-world, it does hurt to be labelled “uncool” when one has to wear specs. And it is not a matter of choice but a compulsion that many of us have to go through. I am sure poeple would not poke fun at crutches if they ever have to promote artifical limbs.

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