Caught another piece of interesting news this evening. In the town of Englishbazar (District Malda, West Bengal) the residents are facing the wrath of an army of monkeys. For quite sometime the townfolks kept the animals at bay with sticks and other simple artillery before turning to the administration. They got a cage and managed to catch one monkey. As a result its relatives and friends increased their attack with renewed vigour. Now a senior officer of the administrative fold has devised a new scheme….to import a bigger variety of monkeys called Entellus (more commonly known as “Hanuman”). How the administration manages to gather its black-faced army would be another story by itself.

I managed to make a list of 10 things that were a source of unlimited joy for children during my growing up years but are probably not that special anymore:

1. A ride in a car
2. A picnic
3. A cone of ice-cream
4. A visit to the circus or movie-theatre.
5. Running to get the telephone when it rang
6. Corn-in-the-cob
7. Sunday morning cartoon shows on television
8. A new dress
9. A new pencil box and its varied contents.
10. A visit to the zoo.

1 thought on “

  1. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

    Here’s another 10.

    1] A ride on a scooter
    2] Brown paper
    3] Pencil box
    4] Two-in-one ice cream from Kwality
    5] The whitener for canvas shoes
    6] Rubber bands
    7] A proper cricket ball (with seams and all)
    8] Matchboxes
    9] Corn-on-the-cob
    10] Zoo/Aquarium


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