Just like “…..eeeeeesh” another thing that I hadn’t noticed was my tendency to talk to myself…..aloud. I remember a phase when I could go on for hours playing ludo or checkers and carrying on a running commentary alongside. Surprisingly no one in the family bothered to make me stop it. It came to an abrupt end the day I decided that I had had enough ludo sessions and was ready for something new. Only when I read in an article years later, that children without any siblings talked aloud did I realise what I had been doing. Whatever be the reasons it seems that sometimes, this odd habit has helped me in thinking things over and be a little less lonely by myself.

One good thing that seems to be a talking point in focus is the concern of a certain minister about banning violent computer and video games. Kudos if they can do that. I for one am absolutely against exposing children towards physically violent visuals. It does not mean that they should be sheltered until their old age before they can withstand the sight of blood but certainly a respectable age limit should be maintained. Children these days mostly grow up within the interiors of multi-storied apartment houses and their only source of entertainment is the television, computer or video games. Hardly do I come across children who would like to spend their sunny days playing badminton or cricket or hide & seek and then read a few good story books on a rainy day. Even a 3 year old would put an adult to shame when it comes to the names of the WWE wrestling super hunks brigade. One nephew and two nieces of mine together managed to break a sturdy family bed when they tried to put it all into action. And their average age could be worked out to somewhere near 6 years.

Imposing restrictions of this nature may prove effective in future but as of now it seems that the environment has morphed substantially into a far more complex structure. The simple lifestyle of the past has zoomed into a fast track and brought us years ahead into the future. Ten years back I would have been writing all this into a small leather bound book called a journal. Nothing can be made to be accepted with force and hence a ban or restriction may run into oppositions of varying degrees. Yet somehow a system could be brought into practice through which the younger generation can be educated about every aspect of the society and its inherent weave with care and restraint and in tune with their natural mental make-up.

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