I did manage to get my second helping of candyfloss….pinky and fluffy and sweet and just right. The one single problem is to bring it home without embarrassing myself. Everytime I met a neighbour on my way back, I shyly mentioned that it was for my “little nephew you know.” Anyway the candyflossman had quite a crowd at his stall. There were several shades…peach, white, yellow but for me it has to be hot pink.

Hmm….things are hot in state politics and India is going to have 5 women Chief Ministers from next week. Of them 2 are new and 1 has been re-elected. I am not in favour of qualifying the professional acumen of people on the basis of their gender. How a person does his/her work depends upon his/her own individual capacities. It offends me when I see people categorizing activities according to gender. For eg. cricket is for boys and dolls for girls, cooking for women and riding a scooter is for men. Of course a lot of these parameters have been restructured but a subtle hint still remains. A girl who has a stronger throwing arm than her male playmates is quickly discarded as a freak and if a man shows a general interest in make-up then god save him. It is especially hard for single children who have never faced any gender-based discrimination at home. The moment they step out into the world, they are made aware of the “naturally” assumed dos and don’ts. Obviously men and women are different, but somehow the treatment of a person as an individual is often sidelined resulting in unfair assumptions and injustice to personal capabilities.

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