I went to a fair this afternoon. And then again in the evening. Gorged shamelessly on peanuts and pink candyfloss. Then wanted to buy another one but resisted the temptation. This particular fair is held on the occasion of a four-day long puja. The fair lasts for around 7 days. Earlier it was held on a big ground. With time the grounds gave way to residential complexes and roads. Now the lanes are blocked off along with what remains of the grounds. The wares on sale are an eclectic mix. Assorted junk-foods, china-ware, toys, trinkets & bangles, terracotta Ganeshas and laughing Buddha’s, plastic flowers, utensils, rolling pins, pickles, garden tools and even clothes. The giant wheels get bigger every year its no exception this time as well. Most of the items available are ubiquitously present in all such fairs but a fairly new item that is fast gaining ground is furry toys. Earlier most toys were of plastic, tin or wood. Teddy bears were more elite and to be bought off shops. Off late many people (mostly women) have taken up toy-making on a small scale. These workshops run from homes are slowly catching up with the big shops. The quality is nearly as good and the price is much less. Sometimes even the shops work-out contracts with these small-scale suppliers. Apparently soft-toy-making is being promoted as a small-scale industry these days. So these days teddy bears and dalmations and long-tailed monkeys are within easy reach of the consumers.

So much for today. Have to get another candyfloss tomorrow.

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