The last episode of Joe Millionaire showed the “Millionaire” confessing to both the ladies about his real life. Before doing so he rejected one lady. The final choice was a substitute teacher from a small town (I failed to catch the name) called Zorah. After the news was broken to her, she was given sometime to thinks things over and then decide for herself. In a chandeliered ball-room she made her speech. Initially it seemed like she had rejected the offer. But then she said that she wanted to know the guy better and since they have spent so much time together and enjoyed it, she would like to carry on. The “shocking twist” that was tom-tomed was a gift check of One Million Dollars for the “lucky” couple.

With reality shows becoming a dime-a-dozen local Indian channels are not far behind. The one that hogged a lot of cable-space and eyeballs was the Popstar Hunt on Channel [V]. Last year it was an all-girl band named Viva. Five girls with varying degrees of musical talents were selected, groomed and then presented to the world. The credits on the debut album was a who’s who of dignitaries of the Popmusic world. Eight months down the line one member vanished into thin air citing “other priorities”. Now with every passing day they are starting to resemble the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jenny Lopez. Ughh!!!

This year its a mixed band with two boys and two girls. They call themselves “Aasma”. The members of Viva managed to put on an anglicized look. Their talk, attitude, look and style all were cool-dudish. Perhaps they were groomed that way. Aasma for a change is more Indian. The members converse freely in Hindi and are more laid-back. One member called Vasudha was the choice of all the jury members but selecting her had posed a problem. Her parents were against any such move into the popmusic world and it took a lot of convincing on the part of a jury member to allow them to let her go. One promise that the jury member made to her was that she would not have to do anything that was “uncomfortable”…especially about dressing. (The designer in-charge of the project was a little put-off at this “challenge” and did not hide his disgust). She was even excused from the swimming pool. When Vasudha was selected in the final four her mother (a very dignified looking lady) had some words of advice. She told her to do her work with dedication and never to compromise on her principles. These days whenever Aasma makes an appearance on stage she is demurely clad but looks stunning all the same. The other female member Neeti is a dance teacher with a perfect figure and has no qualms about carrying off her designer outfits. Needless to say Vasudha is my favourite. Way to go girl!

I just hope they don’t turn turtle by the time the next popband is hunted for.

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