The CAT got out of the bag a day earlier, Michael Jackson freaks the world again, Mumsloathe Britney Spears and hatred in general continues across the globe. Summary for the week.

The Government of India has in the recent past introduced a scheme for providing mid-day meals to children in Government schools. When first introduced the scheme had been afflicted with the expected vices like foodgrains being diverted and hoarded off by unscrupulous staff members, low grade and adulterated supplies etc. As of now a few organizations like ISKON prepare the meals and supply them to the children in different schools at lunchtime. The little ones, mostly from poor families are blessed with this hot-meal albeit modest. For some it is the only full-meal during the entire day. This also serves as an incentive to keep in them school as otherwise they would have been diverted to labourious jobs at a tender age.

Although, the Consitution declares the right of every child to be given education it is hardly met at all levels of society. At the lower strata more often than not the parents prefer an added pair of hands to assist them at earning the daily bread. Education for them is a luxury that can be avoided as it will be come to “no use of the child in future”. A generally accepted view on education is that it only allows for white-collar jobs which ironically are few and far between. Children when asked about their ambitions in future mouth hackneyed options of “doctor, engineer, pilot”. Hardly do we see a child saying “I want to learn the latest farming techniques and utilise it in my father’s farm who still works with a plough”. Added is the fact that Dignity of Labour in India is somewhat distorted and partial to a few.

Perhaps our perfunctionary attitude and methods of educating the population is somewhat dated. On one hand we have the latest brains trained to match any other in the developed world and on the other we fail to provide the basic amenities needed to educate the population of the future.

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