I fail to understand the reason why, in public buses, men tend to sit with their knees spread apart. Oblivious to their advancement towards the next person’s lap. Alongwith it they angle their elbows in perfect symmetry. In such cases I see no reason why my umbrella should not poke them in their podges. It works in most cases. Unfortunately, this weapon is seasonal.

In Koraput (Orissa) an ongoing fair depicts the lifestyle of Santhals residing around the area. A replica of a village has been built. An interesting aspect was the depiction of a traditional Santhal marriage. Instead of a make belief couple they brought together two people who were in real life contemplating marriage but were waiting for the right time and funds. They had decided upon a very simple affair but instead got married in style and fanfare, complete with every small detail being taken care of. The smile on their faces had to be seen to be believed. With marriage ceremonies touching astronomical proportions of extravagance, it was it heartwarming to see a simple marriage ceremony performed with the piety of the rituals and added to that the

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