By accident I caught the last few snatches of this week’s Joe Millionarie. Seems like there is something more than what actually meets the eye. The two ladies have been hung out to dry while Evan makes a decision. Next week is a two-hour-special where the final decision is made. Evan gets to meet all the 20 finalists and there is a “shocking twist” to the story. I believe it was Evan and the audience who were taken for a ride and the women were masquerading as well. What a vicious cycle!!!

An issue that has been intriguing me is about married women feeling lonely. The topic cropped up while talking about a daily soap where a doctor’s wife felt neglected and left him amidst a huge misunderstanding.
In this particular case the lady in question was the wife of a well-to-do doctor. A very upright, honest and dutiful man. He cared for and respected his wife as is expected of him and did it with all sincerity. Yet somehow, his wife was lonely. She craved for some visible show of attachment and love. Amidst his friends and colleagues she felt “left out” in their community. As a result she started feeling inferior to the only people she knew. As she was confined within her home and did not go out to work she did not meet any other people who were more like her. Added to it was her husband’s inability to compensate for her loneliness. She started believing that her husband was emotionally attached to a colleague. With enough bitterness filled inside she wandered off with another man, who she felt was showering her with all the attention that she deserved. Currently, she is waiting for a seperation from her earlier husband and also left in the lurch by the other man who had tapped her sentiments for some devilish schemes.
This is fiction, but in real life often women genuinely feel left out. Earlier when huge joint families were the norm, the wives had enough work to keep themselves engaged for a good part of the day. Also the women in the household by themselves had a community. But with small families ruling the roost, the wife is left alone for the major part of the day. She only gets to hear the stories without ever getting to be a part of it all. Of business lunches, office tours, friends at work, of a world outside. Somehow lots of women are losing their individual existence and becoming a prop doll in one corner of their husband’s world. They feel “useless” because the work they do is never expressly recognised but is taken for granted. (I believe this job requires a culmination of all branches of B-school courses with 24/7 duty hours. The “homemaker” is a walking office by herself. Without any paid leaves either.)
It is understandable when men cannot physically allot time for their spouses but probably when it comes to matters of human emotions money does take a beating. Meanwhile, if women start exploring options that will help expand their horizons, they may feel a little less “left out”.

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