I have to confess I have got hooked to Joe Millionaire. What will I do next??? Anyway now that I have stumbled upon this charade I have to see how far they can take it. Our “Mr.Miilionaire” got very upset at this make believe world of riches. And he is feeling guilty about “lying”. Oh yeah!!! Now it is down to two ladies with diamond pendants around their slender necks. Next week is probably the finale which promos as “one of them will be heartbroken and the other will face the reality”. Why not throw the producer of the show in a similar mess. Lets see what he has to say after that.

Anyways moving away, I realised later in the day that its Children’s Day today. Ok so no one gives me candy anymore…but what the heck. Their are lots of kiddie movies on air and I am on a roll. Not many children’s films are made yet the ones made are pretty watchable. When I was younger every saturday in the afternoon some nice ones aired on Doordarshn. Its nice to see some of them back again.

Not much to write today. Shall pick up tomorrow again.

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