First a thank you for the kind readers for the encouraging words. Issues related to women, relationships and dynamics in the soceity never fail to get me thinking. I’ll surely post my views soonest.

As of today I have another matter lined up. Till date much has been said about the health care system in the state of West Bengal. The hospitals are dirty and ill-maintained, there is a perennial scarcity of doctors and other staff and the infrastructure is in ruins. Its not as if the situation has crumbled overnight, but yes it did come to focus during the same timespan. Such kind attention on the part of the press happens at regular intervals during a financial year and lasts for sometime. Over the past month a few unfortunate deaths at these hospitals and their doorsteps caught a lot of attention. Soon the state government got a few heads rolling and stepped in with some emergency measures…for e.g cleared tonnes of waste and around a dozen dogs from a premier hospital in a single day. Also the media was banned from entering any hospitals…that was a day after the crew of all the television channels got beaten up at another medical hospital+college.

Much hue and cry has been raised about this alleged high-handedness in dealing with the press. Undoubtedly the press is one of the most important institutions in a free and fair democracy…which we claim to be. Any attempt to censor its action affects the balance in the government-citizen relationship as the work and policies of the state are relayed through them. Hence such a diktat is bound to have its share of criticisms. Yet with Rights come Duties. Occassionally the press does tend to go on an overdrive in their zeal to chase stories. In the current scenario the media has done its duty by reporting the loopholes in the health-care system. As the state government has started its operations in mending its fences, albeit late, isnt it justified to give them a chance to do it in peace and without any external interferences. Certainly it does not mean that the media is shut out…rather a balance is reached where the media restricts its movements so that the sactity of the hospitals is not disturbed. Yet gets to gather regular reports about the internal operations giving the people an update about where and how the medical system stands. I for sure would not like if a microphone is shoved under my nose when I am seriously ill.

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