Last week on Simi Garewal’s ‘elite’ interview show Rendezvous, the guest was Preity Zinta. For some reason or the other I admire this lady. She is pretty, charming and I believe she has an honest air about her. Hence I try not to miss her interviews. In this particular show she recounted the events surrounding her father’s death. She lost her father when she was around thirteen. At the time she was studying at a boarding school in Shimla and her parents were driving down to meet her. Both her parents were fatally injured. Her mother fought through it but her father lost the battle on the hospital bed. Zinta claims that she and her two brothers were shattered for a while. Yet somehow she could not open up and cry. She never got to see her father’s body and the reality of his death had not registered with her. Months later she released it all in her sleep.

It is often seen that people keep hoarding their pent up emotions inside themselves. Mostly these people are emotionally strong, confident of themselves and have handled themselves without any major external help. Yet it is only human to feel hurt and this does not escape them. They absorb it all like a sponge until they cant take another drop. That is when they react uncontrollably. This uncharacteristic and diagnolly opposite behaviour on their part makes them lose confidence in their own powers. Instead of such delayed reactions if people could open up more often then probably they could bring down their stress levels and tensions within. The body needs some releases from time to time. Generally women tend to cry and men hit the punching bags. It could be the other way round. The bottomline is that given the stress and exertions of present day lifestyle people are losing themselves in the melee. And alongwith it their minds.

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