For the past 4 months i have been trying to frame an exercise schedule. Needless to say this has remained shelved and i have started resembling a baby elephant. What is even more disturbing is that i cannot maintain a healthy dietary regimen either. All around me the savouries seem to pop out from nowhere and even chase me in my dreams. and i wake up with another burning appetite. oh..why are all the good things fried in oil !!!! they cause pimples and truck tyres around the waist and make your hair fall and make your skin oily. and probably some evil befalls people who eat junkfood. Now the question remains is why do we still continue with it. Probably because we lack self-control.
The fast-paced lifestyle of today leaves little time for introspection or control. People work the skin off their backs to make pots of money and then spend it to add to their material comfort. Instant happiness has gained a position of prime importance. But what happens when the temptations and comforts shoot out of range and we are left with only an uncontrollable yearning?
Perhaps the answer lies in some old customs and traditions. Occassions like Ramzan help to learn control and tolerance through self-denial and discipline. Being a non-muslim I have never been a part of this ritual. Yet, today somehow I felt the need for a such a rigourous binding (or maybe an army routine) that would give me the power to stop short the next time i want to give in to a temptation.

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